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Datacenter Remote Hands

Remote hand services from Boston Remote Hands offers a flexible remote hand service when you need it at a fraction of your local data center cost. The average data center around Boston charges $175-275 per hour were we charge far less. With our services we are an extension of your staff and we work well with your team as we are networking engineers and well certified and trained technicians on Juniper, Cisco, and familiar with HP and Dell servers.


Relax, We’ve Got You Covered

Ongoing: This is maintenance and paid monthly. This service allows for one technician to perform a walk though of your data center and replace failed drives or perform a cage or cabinet audit. This includes monthly reporting of each audit delivered to your team, also includes a structured wire audit revolving around best practices and cable management.

Hourly: This is pre-planned 48 hour notice hourly work which includes rack and stack and all of our items listed below.

Emergency: Our emergency service during business hours if we already posses a COI will commence less 15 minutes after a call or email.

Data Center Remote Hands
typically 50% off data center remote fees


We do more than press buttons, we do anything and everything.

Some of our more common tasks

  • Reading out, describing, or reporting on a display or indicator lights
  • Hot swapping hard disks
  • Checking cables (for connections)
  • Checking alarm messages for errors and troubleshooting
  • Power-cycling, resetting or rebooting equipment
  • Receiving goods sent, open and delivering to cage
  • Swapping hard drives, memory, RAM, motherboards, CPU’s, and RAID cards
  • Installing or removing OS or software
  • Migrations intra-facility or from one facility to another
  • Recurring maintenance/actions
  • Adjust/add network configurations
  • Monitoring onsite and offsite(3 locations around Boston)
  • Structured Cabling
  • Inventory Management and Labeling
  • Configuring routers, switches, and other network equipment under specific instructions.

Some of our Recent 2020 Projects Included:

  • Plan/Design/Receive/Unbox Rack&Stack&Cable 100+ items in VA
  • Derack/Transport Full Rack of items from Boston > VA
  • Receive/Unbox Rack&Stack 40+ networking devices
  • Replace over 400 failed disks Boston
  • Rack 50 New Servers Boston

The options are endless. Please contact us for more information or visit our dedicated remote hands website Boston Remote Hands for more information.

We will beat any local competitor! We bill in 15 minute increments onsite at Coresite BO1, and 1 hour increments outside of Coresite.

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