Boston Smart Hands

Save Money with Certified Technicians

We provide cost-effective and flexible remote hand services, with hourly rates lower than the average local data center. Our team acts as an extension of your staff, ensuring seamless integration and efficient collaboration. Whether you need occasional or ongoing support, our remote hand services are tailored to meet your specific requirements at a fraction of the cost.


Relax, We’ve Got You Covered


Our maintenance service, billed on a monthly basis, ensures your data center stays in optimal condition. Our certified technician conducts a thorough walk-through, replacing failed drives and performing cage or cabinet audits. As part of this service, you will receive a detailed report of each audit, delivered to your team, along with a structured wire audit that ensures best practices and efficient cable management are being implemented


Our pre-planned hourly work service requires a 72-hour notice.


If we already have a certificate of insurance, our emergency service will begin within 15 minutes of receiving a call or email during business hours.

We go above and beyond simply pressing buttons, we handle everything and anything

Some of our more common tasks

Some of our Recent 2021 Projects Included:

There are many possibilities. For more details, either get in touch with us or check out our website Boston Remote Hands 

We guarantee to offer lower prices than any of our local competitors! Our billing system is based on 15-minute increments for on-site services at Coresite BO1 and hour increments for services outside of Coresite. We provide Remote Hands services in Boston, MA, Needham, MA, Andover, MA and Somerville, MA.