24+ years (IN THE INDUSTRY) - 13+ YEARS HERE

Our Founder started just like you 24 years ago. That’s why we impose empathy in everything. Your problems resonate and we help solve them together. It maybe stressful today but we are here to solve your issues long term and immediate. We believe that our relationships we have with you set us above the competition.


It’s important we understand you. We listen very carefully and help evaluate the best solution. Never oversold, Never Pushy and Always the best value.

Trust + Relatoinships

We trust all our customers, we want you to trust us and we will do all in our power to earn it. We believe the customer experience is the most important.

Value & Empathy

We believe that providing value and empathy is our biggest advantage. It’s a critical component in how we are the local leader today in our field.

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We Are Picky, and That’s a Good Thing

Axcelx was founded in 2009 when we merged several companies to create a Hybrid Model. Our Founder has 24+ years of experience in the hosting industry.

Axcelx is a leading colocation and cloud solutions provider in the Metro Boston market. With offices in Salem, NH we provide services to over 16+ countries.

Our clients are your neighborhood coder or an engineering team at your favorite fortune 1000 company.  

We have a set of unique core values. Complete Client Focus & Relationships, Constant Innovation and Creativity and Availability First. 

We are a company driven by purpose. Whether it’s our customers, employees, or partners. We obsess about the needs of you and go that extra mile to get you there.

Our Cloud. Your Server

Axcelx, appropriately derived from the word “excel” is widely known for putting its customers first and just so happens we are the leader in Colocation and Cloud Services in the Boston area. We are always growing and providing you with the most up-to-date services and innovation to streamline your internet and infrastructure needs.

Gain Access to Outside Resources

We go above and beyond your typical support team at your average hosting company. We are always an extension of your team.

We are proud to be serving customers representing the following industries.


We believe the VALUE and EXPERIENCE we provide supersedes our competitors.


Always On, Always Overprovisioned.

10Gbps for All

If you need it,
we have it


Always done right the first time.


Support is the key to a happy fruitful relationship.