What makes us a Superior Choice

24+ years (IN THE INDUSTRY)

Our founder began similarly to you 24 years ago, which is why we approach every situation with empathy. We understand that your problems are important to you and we work together to find solutions. While things may be difficult now, we are dedicated to helping you both in the short and long term. Our emphasis on strong relationships with our clients sets us apart from our competitors.


We prioritize understanding your needs. We attentively listen and assist in determining the optimal solution. We never oversell or pressure you and always provide the best value.

Trust + Relatoinships

We trust our customers and strive to earn your trust in return. We understand that customer experience is of the utmost importance.

Value & Empathy

We believe that offering value and empathy is our strongest asset. It plays a vital role in our position as a leading provider in our field.

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Our Selectivity is an Advantage

Axcelx was established in 2009, born from an idea that eventually became a reality. Our founder has over 24 years of experience in the hosting and data center engineering industry.

We are a leading provider of colocation and cloud solutions in New Hampshire and the greater Boston area. With locations in Salem, NH and Woburn, MA (coming in 2023), we serve clients in more than 16 countries.

Our clients range from individual coders to engineering teams at major companies.

We uphold a set of unique core values: complete client focus and relationships, constant innovation and creativity, and availability first.

We are a company driven by a sense of purpose, constantly striving to meet the needs of our customers, employees, and partners, going above and beyond to ensure their success.

Our Cloud. Your Server

Axcelx, which takes its name from the word "excel," is recognized for prioritizing its customers. We are also a leading provider of Colocation and Cloud Services in the Boston region. We are constantly expanding and offering the latest services and technology to meet your internet and infrastructure requirements.

Gain Access to Outside Resources

We exceed the typical support offered by other hosting companies. We function as an integral part of your team.

We are proud to be serving customers representing the following industries.


“We believe that the value and experience we offer surpasses that of our competitors.”


Always On, Always Overprovisioned.

10Gbps for All

If you need it,
we have it. NO LIMITS!


Always done right the first time.


Support is the key to a happy fruitful relationship.