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Virtual Private Server
Secure & Reliable

Whether you are colocating or renting from us we architect your equipment to be reliable and secure

Boston Servers
Blazing Fast

We gurantee you will receive a full 1Gbps burst on Dedicated and Server packages on our multiple 10G backbone

Boston Consulting
Customer Support

We have a team of support individuals who go above and beyond their normal duties to assure your happy

Cloud and Hosting Solutions for Boston

Boston Massachusetts Colocation Services

We have established data center presence in Somerville, MA and Wakefield, MA for all your colocation needs whether it be 1U or up to 1 Cabinet. Our redundant infrastructure connected with multiple 10 Gigabit connections will assure your not just connected your connected to a FULL 1Gbps port

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Our Colocation

Full access with remote reboot, 8 IP Address with each server, 24/7 Access to the datacenter, Redundant providers and power, SAS 70 Type II certified datacenter

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Data Center Tour

Sometimes seeing is believing. If you want to take a tour of our Data Centers please contact us

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Great Plans, Different Packages And Incredible Prices :)

We pride ourselves in being competitive in our local market. Infact we encourage shopping, find a lower price from our competitors and provide us their email or quote and we will do our best to win your business. We have a lot of services to offer and if there is a server that we currently dont, send us an email.

Server Colocation
  • 5 Usable IP Addresses
  • Optional KVM-over-IP
  • Low Upgrade Costs
  • 10Mbps Commitment
  • Full 1Gbps Burstable
Dedicated Servers
  • 2x 4 Core 2.5Ghz
  • 16GB Ram
  • Optional Raid
  • 1TB HDs
  • 10Mbps Commitment
Cloud Storage
  • Personal use
  • Business use
  • FTP Access
  • ANYWHERE Access
  • Secure Backups